2019-2020 Water Game Jam!

2019-2020 Water Game Jam!

2019-2020 Water Game Jam!2019-2020 Water Game Jam!2019-2020 Water Game Jam!

Game building challenge for students in Grades 3-8

The 2019-2020 Aquatic Ecosystems Game Jam

The 2019-2020 Water Game Jam will focus on aquatic ecosystems in Iowa and encourage students to incorporate field investigation data and observations, online data resources and investigations in a new game idea.


Game ideas are submitted via a 4-minute video to be considered for recognition. A panel of game and science experts will use a scoring rubric to determine top analog and digital games in two age categories (Grades 3-5 and 6-8). See rubric on Events page.

Registered educators will be provided with the link to the Google form for submission of team names, game prototype description and the link to your 4-minute video. 

 Game Jam site Registration 

The deadline for submitting your 4-minute video and game description will be February 7, 2020.

The Water Game Jam is sponsored by the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition through an Iowa STEM Innovation Grant from the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.


Game Formats


Analog game - Game must involve only non-digital components. Typical examples can include board games, card games, or role-playing games. Game must be in a playable form at the end of the event. This category is useful for either short or long events and also works for locations with limited technology.

Basic digital game -  Games can be remixed from an existing game in the community or use digital game platforms (e.g., Scratch, Gamestar Mechanic, Pixel Press’ Floors and Bloxels, Roblox, GameSalad). Minecraft can be used if there is a clearly designed game experience within a Minecraft World and there is a clear goal for a player to achieve within the Minecraft world with clear constraints. Teachers can also use interactive fiction tools to create a text adventure using an aquatic theme. (Twine, InkleWriter, Episodes)

Links and Downloads


Iowa's Waters - http://iowaee.org/wild-resources/iowas-waters/

Aquatic Life (plants and animals) - http://iowaee.org/wild-resources/aquatic-life/

The world in a pond (aquatic systems) - http://iowaee.org/wild-resources/the-world-in-a-pond/

Project WET: The Role of Water in Our Lives - http://www.discoverwater.org/

USGS Water Science School - www.usgs.gov/water-science-school

Aquatic Wild Supplemental Activities

The Iowa Conservation Education Coalition partnered with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources - KinderNature 

 and ICEC WILD Resources 

Explore More: Water Quality

The water we drink, the places we swim, and the plants and animals within our environment. From IPTV

Digital Game formats

Learn about digital game formats including Twine prototypes and Scratch in the Hack-a-Game category. Speakers: Kevin Miklasz, Alex Fleming, Matthew Farber  View the archive  

How Much Water is on Earth?

NASA Space Place explains how water is distributed on Earth. 


Freshwater seems abundant, but when accounting for all the water on Earth, it's in limited supply. Just three percent of the water on our planet is freshwater. A majority of this water, about two percent of the world total, is contained in glaciers and ice sheets or stored below ground. The remaining one percent is found in lakes, rivers and wetland areas or transported through the atmosphere in the form of water vapor, clouds and precipitation.  


Winners Annouced for 2019 Iowa Water Game Jam!

Grades 3-5 Analog Game

                 1. The Nishnabotna River Game by the Science Cowboys from Sidney Elementary, Sidney

        2. Land of Pollution by Team Land of Pollution from Okoboji Elementary,  Milford

                  3. Water Pollution Pick-up Game by Kampen 2 from Taft Elementary, Humboldt 

Honorable Mention

Stormlandia by the Green Team from Taylor Elementary, Cedar Rapid

Watercycleopoly, Edgewood Colesburg Elementary,  Colesburg 

Wateropoly, Edgewood Colesburg Elementary, Colesburg


Grades 6-8 Analog Game

                       1. Milk and Cookies by Team Ravioli from Decorah Homeschool Assistance Program, Decorah

                  2. The Wasteful Flush by DMS Water Vikings from Decorah Middle School, Decorah

                          3. The Game of Water Life by Justice Beaver, Interstate 35 Middle  School, Truro

3. Wateropoly by The Aquas from C.F.S. Catholic School, Calmar 

Honorable Mention

       Water Walk by DMS 5 Drops, Decorah Middle School, Decorah

Grades 3-5 Digital Game

1. Andrew’s Game on the Water Cycle, Treynor. 

Atlantis Boy by The Quarantine Zone!, Okoboji Elementary School, Milford

Grades 6-8 Digital Game

1. Water Maze by Team Walrus from St. Theresa Catholic School, Des Moines

                             2. The Quest to Clean the Water by the Trash Boys, Camanche Middle School, Camanche

                        3. Escape Rock Creek by The Pollution from Camanche Middle School, Camanche

The Water Game Jam is sponsored by the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition through an Iowa STEM Innovation Grant from the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.